Monday, March 26, 2012

Dead Reckoning (Spanky, sexy vampires plus some fairy mojo)

Charlaine Harris might not be the next Tolkien in the writing field, but she's fun and Sookie Stackhouse's practical sass always puts a smile on my face. Say what you will about the writing itself, but there's something to be said about an entertaining read. Defense aside, the latest book wasn't as good as some of the earlier ones like "Club Dead," but it was a great afternoon jaunt through their Southern supernatural setting.


Supernatural Problem #1 The book starts off with a bang, literally. A firebombing in Merlottes and a side trail of annoying problems all due to Sandra Pelt (Just DIE already). To quote the great BBC show "Coupling," the Pelt sisters are like the unflushables of the series. Even after Debbie's death, Sandra continues as an annoying problem in countless of the books. Luckily, she's dealt with fairly easily and causes enough of a distraction to keep up the pace with another problem since the main one in this book isn't as enticing.

Supernatural Problem #2 Fairies. Lots of em. Untrustworthy too because Claude and his band of stripperfae have some weird shenanigans going on under the surface. The book moves the fairy plot in an interesting direction though, leaving lots of unknowns to keep us biting for the next in the series.

Supernatural Problem #3 Vampire issues. The big bang up finale is taking Victor down. But where there are vampires, there are romantic quadrangles. The overarching one of her romantic interest comes down to Eric. He's terse through the whole beginning and then it's revealed that Appius, his creator's making him marry some other vamp. Her whole relationship with him's now in question and to top it off, the option of Bill is still on the surface as they flirt throughout the book. On top of it, Alcide tries to come back into her life, nude and in her bed. She's done with all of the guys for the time being, fed up with everything.

The book ends on a cheery supernatural asskicking and does its job as an awesome page turner. Throw in some Sookie Stackhouse sass, attractive supernatural men, a hefty helping of violence and blend!

Rating: 3

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