Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Weekly Wednesday MFK: Firefly

I've decided to broaden the horizons a bit and delve into some of the excellent science fiction and fantasy in television too! Don't worry, I'll still be doing books, but just opening the door to churn some other stuff through the MFK meat grinder.

What better way to kick it off than Firefly?


Zoe, Inara, Kaylee


Mal, Jayne, Wash

My Take:


Zoe- Kill. Hey, she got lucky during that battle way back when with Mal. Her number's been up for awhile and while she's handy in a pinch, she always took a backseat to the other personalities on board the ship.
Inara- Fuck. Her Companion status means she's got to know every trick in the book, hence an interesting lay. But she's probably got too much baggage to want to handle that long term. Especially since she has folks she's slept with in every zipcode.
Kaylee- Marry. She's the perfect melting pot of tomboy and sweetheart. Kaylee won everyone's hearts from the first episode where she's walking around twirling her adorable umbrella. Meanwhile, five seconds later, she's covered head to toe in grease from working on an engine. Definitely want to stick with this one long term. 


Mal-Fuck. Who wouldn't want to fuck Malcolm Reynolds? After all, he's just too pretty for God to let him die.
Jayne-Kill. Yeah, while he may be funny, I wouldn't trust this guy for shit. Unless I was loaded and could be sure to outbid the competition. While Jayne had his high points, a lot of the times he skated the line too close to villain for me to feel safe with him around.
Wash-Marry. Realistically, he makes me laugh. And that trait trumps a hell of a lot. He may not be king of the badasses, but he's sharp. A talented pilot is definitely nothing to scoff at. Really? I'm choosing him because, well, dinosaurs.

Berzerker Tiki's take:


Zoe-Kill. As good as she is in a fight, she doesn't hold up against the other two. She seems like she'd want to poke the bear constantly and I wouldn't want to deal with that.
Inara- Fuck. This is the obvious choice. For someone who's paid to show you how to have a good time, I'd expect nothing but the best.
Kaylee- Marry. She's just perfect. She knows how to be one of the guys, but is capable of showing a softer side too.


Mal- Fuck. Good leader. Brash and kind of an asshole, but he always seems like he knows how to have fun. The perfect recipe for a one night stand.
Jayne- Kill. As much as it pains me to do this, he's not really someone you can trust. Unfortunately, if he goes, so does his hat. Unless we can find a way to keep his hat.
Wash- Marry. He's the marrying type. Wash's the kind of person who'd always be there for you and knows how to make you laugh.

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