Monday, December 3, 2012

Insurgent (Tris's Got a Gun--But Won't Use It)

First off, I'd like to say that Divergent was phenomenal. One thing Veronica Roth does very well as an author is her brilliant twists.The plot races around just as much in this one and the cliffhanger ending does a lot to make you want to read more. One thing that did change though from Divergent to Insurgent is the tone of the book as well as the tone of Tris' character.Tris's character in Divergent had seemed kind of callous, but when you place her in the setting of the Dauntless, its diminished because you have a lot of people who are like that and are shoving their emotions down to be brave. And then her actions prove her to go above and beyond the other people around her so she's admirable even though she can be really rough around the edges. However, in Insurgent, she goes between tears and coldness most of the time and it becomes tougher to empathize with her character. One second its snotty sniffles into a bucket of tissues and the next she's angry with other people for crying. The jumps get hard to keep track of, but the plot still moved at an interesting pace and she stepped up in the end.


Faction Hopping 101 #1: They start out in Amity and quickly we learn just how well Dauntless fit in when everyone's a hippie peacenik. Tris lasts a record short amount of time before she's injected with happy juice, which lead to a quite precious sequence of her being...NICE...gasp. But Amity only lasts so long before they get the boot again, next to Candor, where they're also not welcome. It seems everywhere they turn, Eric, Erudite, or someone they know is looping around the corner, shaking a gun at them and giving them hell.

Faction Hopping 101 #2: On a cool twist, we finally meet Tobias's mother who was supposed to have died. She was factionless instead though and we're introduced to this whole separate world outside of the factions. Unlike the horrible rumors and bus stop menagerie we see in Divergent, this book gives us a new glimpse into the Factionless. It's a thriving community, one that's only growing by the second. And one which we find out, is pissed from being ex-communicated from the rest.

Faction Hopping 101 #3: Although Tris had a brief stint in Erudite as Jeanine's prisoner, the end wraps up like the first one, back at Erudite's headquarters to knock down their fearless leader a couple pegs. But when everyone drops down on agendas, Four and the rest and following the factionless plan, which seems suspicious and a little too brutal for Tris's tastes. (Even though she had no problem with brutal in the first book -_-) However even when Tobias's mother pulls her sudden but inevitable betrayal at the end, the book ties up on one kicker of a twist.

While none of the characters appeal to me too greatly, the world's a fascinating one and the plot twists make for a fun read. Would I go wait in a line to buy this book? Nah. But I'd definitely check it out when the next one hits the shelves. 

Rating: 3


  1. I feel the same way. It's not a wait in line for the next one kind of series. It's sort of a "I wonder what's going to happen" kind of thing. I think she's a lot better at world building than character development. She's also UBER religious if you couldn't tell lol.

    1. The Faction idea is very clever. People like logical, categorized things and latch onto them. But I'm with you, the characters began blurring after awhile. Plus, the kill count went through the roof between the two books.

  2. Loved Divergent. Insurgent not so much. Tris seemed like a completely different character from the first and it showed in her relationship with Four(Tobias :P Four is a much sexier name). I kept waiting for something to happen in their scenes, but nothing ever did. Bunch a talkin' about feels and responsibilities and not a whole lot else.

    All in all, second book just seemed so damn drawn out. After I finished, all I kept thinking was... what the hell happened that couldn't have happened at the end of Divergent.

    I'll still buy the third cuz I love VR's writing. Clean, subtle, and beautiful.

    1. I KNOW! Four is a way sexier name. Tobias made me think of David Cross in Arrested Development. Which is an incredibly creepy/awkward mental image paired with a teenager.