Tuesday, January 8, 2013

City of Glass (Bad dye job: Supreme Indicator of Evil)

Final installation was more fun than riding a rhino across a beach.While Cassie Clare's strengths lie not in surprising plot twists, this novel abounded with more of that lusciously snarky dialogue. Always a plus. I collect quotes from her books like a dragon does treasure. While the Mortal Instruments books themselves keep going on for another three, this trilogy wrapped up here, including all of the major loose ends. End Boss is Valentine and he's wielding all of the fancy instruments of destruction! Sounds like a plot straight from a Final Fantasy game!


Welcome to the Emerald City, I mean Idris #1: Instead of someone at the gates to the Emerald City, we've got the new Inspector (who oddly reminds me of a Munchkin) dealing with keeping Downworlders and unwanteds out. That means Simon gets screwed over almost immediately, only mildly deceived by the dripping cheeriness of Aldertree. Clary and Luke run into similar problems and have to stick to the outskirts of Idris so they won't be thrown in prison like dear old Simon. Seriously, that poor boy can't catch a break.

Welcome to the Emerald City, I mean Idris #2: One of the biggest quests in this book (which is seeming more and more video gameish by the second, not that I mind) is breaking into Valentine and Jace's old house to find a book that Magnus Bane needs. If Clary manages to do this, she wins a trip to Hawaii! Oh yeah, and can wake her mom up from the coma which is all she's been trying to do since book one. So even though her and Jace are having issues (honestly, couldn't tell you why since it's always one thing or another), they follow the not quite yellow brick road to Valentine's house!

Welcome to the Emerald City, I mean Idris #3: Jace and Sebastian have a kickass sendoff, but meanwhile, Valentine's throwing his big plot into motion by finding the mirror, last of the instruments. The big battle between demons and the Shadowhunters ensues, but Clary slips away to stop Valentine and find Jace. For someone who thought out every step of the way and even sacrificed his surrogate-son in the effort (Jace), he surprisingly didn't think that an ANGEL, bringer of all things good and loverly, would object to the trail of bodies and dark, demon-y mayhem he's caused. Come on dude. Luckily, that means good news for the heroes and like the Wicked Witch of the West, water (the mirror) helps contribute to his destruction.

Oh thank god the incest drama is done. By book two we could diminish the ew factor because Cassie Clare smacked the message into our face that these two were not related. But the reveal of why they have the abilities and powers they do was a fun explanation and played a lot of the light and dark mythos that prevails throughout the book. And Sebastian was all sorts of slimy nastiness, of course, actively pursuing his sister...although he knew it was his sister. Despite the killing of Max, poor neglected child, everyone else lives happily ever after. They attend a celebration for the defeat of Valentine at the end which ties up all the remaining threads and drops the story on a great positive beat. 

Rating: 4

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