Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Weekly Wednesday MFK: Vampire Academy

Time for Vampire Academy to take a whirl! An awesome series with a great cast ripe for MFK-ing!


Rose, Lissa, Mia


Dimitri, Christian, Adrian

My Take:

Rose- Marry. Rose is sassy, a fountain of witticisms and strong. She knows how to be devoted, hell, she put up with Lissa's whiny ass all these years and was constantly putting her first. So yeah, she'd be the marrying type. I mean come on, how many Strigoi has she killed? The body count keeps going up.
Lissa- Kill. Can't wait on this one. For someone who's part of a bond, Lissa's incredibly unobservant. She's so caught up in her own stuff all the time that she happens to miss EVERYTHING going on in Rose's life. On top of that, she's a weak character, constantly needs protection and whines so much that I'll be glad to kick her over the mountain ledge.
Mia- Fuck. She's kinda nuts. But at least she's willing to learn to fight and she had a kickass moment at the end of book 2 that cemented her in as a likeable character. Despite her many flaws, she remains interesting and while not awesome enough to marry, a one night stand would be do-able.

Dimitri-Kill. Ugh, this breaks my heart to do so, but I like the other two just the littlest bit more. Even though I love Dimitri with his Russian accent and overall sexiness, I just couldn't deal with the constant critiques and instruction. I'm way too stubborn and hate criticism and I think he'd constantly be correcting things, in the bedroom and in a marriage.
Christian-Marry. Jealousy I can deal with and totally understand and this guy's all fire. (Not even talking about his magic abilites, ha!) He's snarky, but honest about how he feels and doesn't let anyone else control his life. He's willing to fight though amongst all the other Moroi nobles and he's pretty much a male Rose. I could definitely deal with that.
Adrian-Fuck. I love his character. He's ridiculously fun from the first moment Rose catches a hint of clove. If he wasn't so codependent on drinking because of the spirit thing, I'd probably be more inclined to marry him, just to be around said awesomeness all the time. But the potential crazy would be rough long term but fantastic for a fling!

Ashley's Take:
From AshTalks2Astronauts

Rose-Marry. I adore Rose. She's a badass and fights for what she wants. I love her attitude. I would totally fuck her, lol, but marriage wouldn't be impossible. At least you know she would go to the ends of the earth for you.
Lissa- Fuck. I think her character's very deep, but she whines a lot and is very reluctant to stand up for herself. She relies on others (Rose) to protect and take care of her. She could totally be a badass with her powers if she believed in herself, so I say she would be a one night stand or a friends with benefits arrangement depending on where in the story I met her.
Mia- Kill. I kinda have a love hate relationship with her. I started hating her in the beginning of the series cause she was such a bitch, but she grew on me as the series went on. However, I still kinda want to punch her, so I say kill for the annoyance factor.


Dimitri- Marry/Fuck. Who doesn't like a western-reading duster-wearing honorable bad ass? I would totally fuck him and maybe marry him. I'm a little reluctant though because of some of the stuff in the later books. 
Christian- Kill. While I think he means well, he's kinda annoying at times and I think I could do without him.
Adrian- Marry/Fuck. I adore him. While he doesn't have all his shit together, he's still awesome. I would totally fuck him and potentially marry. He is probably one of my favorite characters.

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