Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Weekly Wednesday MFK: Sword of Truth

There's a fair amount of awesome characters in the Sword of Truth books, their TV show counterparts included. So I figured it was about time for this series to take a turn.


Kahlan, Cara, Denna


Richard, Chase, Warren

My Take:

Kahlan- Kill. Kahlan got whiny after awhile. The whole white maiden damsel in distress thing kinda falls short in comparison to badass women in leather, even if they're reformed evil. Sorry Confessor, it's your time to go.
Cara- Marry. Helpful even with an attitude and looks good in red leather. I could spend a long time Cara and I'd never say it was boring.
Denna- Fuck. What can I say. I like pain?

Richard- Kill. I would say fuck, but after that ghost banging scene with Kahlan, Richard is obviously very inexperienced.
Chase- Marry. He's amazing from day one. Loyal, helpful and an awesome father to Rachel once they take her in. This guy is the marrying type.
Warren- Fuck. He seems to know what he's doing after all those years. I'd take a spin.

Dalekette Take:

Kahlan- Sorry Kahlan, I loved you in the beginning. I truly did. However, after eleven books I can't take your shit anymore. There are only so many thousands of pages I can listen to you whine about Richard and I lost my patience around Temple of the Winds. Peace.
Cara- Marry. While it may be a tumultous marriage I think Cara is awesome. As mord-sith our love life will be fucking fantastic. You also see a lot of heart in Cara as the books progress and she is loyal to those she loves to the very end.
Denna- Like Cara, Denna is a sister of the mord-sith so as well versed as she is in the art of giving pain, she is equally adept at the art of giving pleasure. No contest.

Richard- Kill. So yes, I'm killing off the two main characters. I was done with Richard the moment he decided to drag Kahlan back to Westland when she was unconcious. Abandonding the people of Midland because they didn't act the way he wanted was childish.
Chase- Fuck. While he was a slightly older guy, he was in damn good shape. Hell yeah, Chase.
Warren- Marry. While marrying a wizard with a talent for prophecy may cause a relationship to develop a few quirks, I'd marry Warren. He is such an intelligent, sweet guy and shows nothing but loyalty and devotion to Verna.

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  1. Bwahaha! I love how you both killed both main characters >:)