Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Hidden Trump (Forget Fangs, Vamps carry assault weapons)

Amber's back with bisexual love abounding. Athanate, like all vampires love mingling blood and sex, so throughout this book, she's oozing the charm with male and female alike. Being Athanate hasn't changed her that much. She still totes a gun and follows the same ultra paranoia as before. She's still a strong, kickass character. Only this time she's got Skylur and gang backing her rather than going through everything alone. The introduction of pack and werewolf was a great addition to the universe as well, giving the story an extra punch.


Athanates Assemble #1: When they say don't drink the Kool Aid, what they're really referring to is Amber's blood. For some reason, (which is still unexplained) Amber's blood binds quick and fast and not only is David part of House Farrell after she lets him drink from her, but Pia by proxy as well. Skylur's pretty pissed, but once they realize she wasn't intentionally trying to steal away members, they start trying to figure out the mystery that is her blood. At the heart of all of this is the question of what possibly bit her to make her this different.

Athanates Assemble #2: While on her mad recruiting spree, she accidentally takes in more refugees to House Farrell. Not that she isn't charismatic enough to do it on her own, but every time she uses her Athanate juju and bloodshares, she seems to add more misfits to her motley crew. First she causes problems with Alex. His pack is pissed because he's part House Farrell now. The two of them try and figure things out, but their insatiable sex drives end up pushing them closer and closer together. Near the end when Jen's all dying and sickly, Amber's healing magic ends up converting her to Team Farrell too. Tullah's a wildcard still, but her dragon seems to like Amber an awful lot...which probably means there's another non-Athanate Athanate member.

Athanates Assemble #3: The whole book was gearing up to this Athanate assembly. All of the loose threads ended up tying together nice and neat when House Farrell was brought to question and Skylur dropped some truth bombs to make sure things turned out the way he wanted: towards Emergence. Bian's dedication and Skylur's cleverness brought a lot of points to the Altau during this book and I'm definitely looking forward to seeing more of them. I liked the theme of betrayal throughout because until the very end, I wasn't sure if one of the Altau was going to end up slipping a dagger in Amber's back. I'm glad they didn't.

While I loved everything Amber was involved with during this, I thought Kingslund was kind of a throwaway character. She had such a presence and purpose in the first book, but this one she faded to the background only to show up at the end to get kidnapped and nearly killed. Personally, I would've been okay with seeing her knocked off, since I could do without all her "Honey" this and that. The best parts of the book? Everything with the Weres and Alex. So much fun.

Rating: 4

*I received this book for review purposes

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